The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life:  Successfully Rolling with the Cycles of Life for more Health, Wealth and Happiness

I love spending time in nature and seeing the beauty that surrounds me while I’m either hiking or riding my mountain bike.   The brilliant fall colors are spectacular and the trails are now covered with a carpet of multicolored leaves.

The sound of leaves crunching underneath me fills the quiet space around me and reminds me of how nature speaks to us even if we walk/ride alone on the trails.

The challenge that I’ve been having is that I have not spent the time hiking in nature that I used to.  Hiking was one of my 2012 goals and I barely even scratched the surface on completing that goal.

I have not even been riding my road bike lately due to being sick the past few weeks.  It seems that the Universe is trying to tell me something…… think?   I have this gut feeling that I need to spend more time writing blogs and working on my book.

And now…I injured my knee and I will have surgery on it soon.   Geeeezzz…what is up with that?  How often have you had signs show up in your life and you just ignored them?   Do you find that your rhythm of life could be out of balance when you don’t follow a new path that may be showing up in your life?

In life & business, we have a tendency to plow right through with our plans despite seeing or receiving feedback that change is needed.

I have felt this way all year by not following through with my hiking plans.  Hiking used to be a huge part of my life and  is how I connect with my creativity.  With all that we have going on in our lives, it is becoming more difficult to disconnect from it all.

I encourage my clients to take hikes, ride a bike, or spend time in meditation in order to slow the pace of their world down.  Unfortunately for me, I spent the entire year thinking about hiking but only followed through twice this year on making it happen.

I did ride my road bike a lot this year and connected with my inner creativity but I’ve had this other calling that a piece of me is missing.  It occurred to me that although I love riding bikes, I need to create a balance of being IN nature.  Like walking on the trails and experiencing the connection that I made with nature while in my youth.

As we begin to close out the year, what activities have you put aside in your life and business that has been tugging away at your shirttails to accomplish?  What has it cost you to not make the time to do what you are called to do?  What change can you make right now that will put you on the path again?  What will recharge your inner being and melt away the stress that we allow to creep into our daily activities?

It’s not too late.  Just making a simple change today…right now….can make a huge difference in your life and business.

Creating the space now can be invigorating and powerful.  Take the time to add a little more fun to your life.  If it is a business opportunity that you still have not started, then add it to your schedule and feel the freedom of just putting it into action.

The Rhythm of life is like the wheel of a bicycle.   Every spoke must be tensioned properly for the wheel to be balanced as it rolls along.  If a spoke is loose, then the wheel will roll lopsided.

Listen to the subtle signs that you hear/see in your life and keep the wheels of life turning freely for you.   

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments, please share them with me and get involved in the conversation.

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