The Power of Teamwork

cycleWhat does teamwork mean to you?  There are countless articles written about teamwork in corporate environments, sports, families, marriages etc….

According to my Dictionary app, teamwork is a cooperative effort or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.

Teamwork plays an important role in achieving goals and also gives us the support we need when faced with challenges.  Sometimes another member on the team has the skills that we may need to complete a project.

I have been part of teams that had a lot of internal fighting and egos contributed to delaying the desired results   Feelings were hurt and people gave up providing input for various reasons.

I’m not saying that everyone has to get along in the sand box.

In fact, it’s good to have differences so people will be more engaged by offering their opinions & solutions to find the best ideas to move a project forward.

Providing feedback and allowing everyone to get their point across without judgments takes practice and patience.  I’ve worked in environments where suggestions were encouraged but not seriously considered.

It can be frustrating when we feel that we don’t have a voice in our own work environment and life.

I find that collaborating with others allows me to see different perspectives in my projects.

Okay…..February arrived quickly or at least it did for me….so have you asked anyone to be a part of your team to help you reach your goals that you have set for the month or year?

Are you willing to listen and be coachable depending on feedback given to you?

I had the opportunity to assist a friend (Dawnery) with her goal of riding her first century (100 miles) on a bike.  She had ridden 70+ miles but never reached the coveted century mark that most cyclists shoot for.

The cool part is that we were riding a tandem (two person bike) and this created another challenge since she had never ridden a tandem before.

Dawnery and I were now a team and we needed to be on the same page as we made turns on the bike, synchronize our stopping and finding a comfortable pedal cadence for us.

Communication was going to be a key component in our success in reaching her goal.  Prior to getting on the tandem, we asked each other a few questions about our riding styles such as speed, distance, which leg do we put down when we make a stop, etc….

Dawnery had to completely trust me since I was in total control of the bike.  As the “Captain” of the bike, I am responsible for our safety and keeping the “Stoker” happy by avoiding bumps on the road and maintaining a comfortable speed and calling out any hazards.

Riding a tandem bike is not for everyone since it does take the skills of listening, trust, communication and cooperation between both riders.  It is a give and take process.

Do you ever find yourself not listening completely when someone is providing you feedback and you end up arguing your point of view?  Slowing down and taking the time to listen can make a huge difference.

Teamwork is a process and the great part of being on a team that works together tends to achieve greater things together.  Dawnery and I were willing to make changes that allowed us to tap into each other’s strengths while on the bike.

We needed to remain positive and support each other despite any challenges we encountered.

Due to our ability to work together, Dawnery completed her goal of riding a 100-miles.   The trust that we built during our training rides and the constant communication helped us work great together as a team.

The next time you are asked to be part of a team, what type of person will you show up as?

What will you do differently while working in a team?

Do you find that your ego gets the best of you when another person has a better idea?

Are you willing to really listen before you offer your opinion?

Thanks for stopping by!

Take what you can from this & implement it into your life and leave the rest.  If you have any comments, please share them with me.

Keep on pedaling!



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