Are You a Teachable Spirit?

So… are you are teachable? I always thought I was but discovered through coaching that I really wasn’t. And… I’m still working on being teachable as I continue on my path in life.

Being teachable is the key component to growing and living a life filled with happiness and love. Actually the term teachable spirit is mentioned in the Bible. “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.” (Proverbs 9:9)

In an article I read recently, Sylvester Onyemalechi stated: everyone needs to be a teachable spirit to make progress. It takes wisdom to succeed. But, it takes a teachable spirit to gather wisdom.

When we were born, we had an incredible inner curiosity to learn and grow. From crawling to walking, talking, eating etc…. we absorbed all of life’s lessons our parents taught us.

We had an inner zest for life and were encouraged by our parents to experience new learning’s that crossed our paths. We may have shed a few tears not knowing what we did wrong when corrected by our parents when we tore into things or broke a few items while exploring our environments. I’m sure I had my fair share of spankings for getting into things I was not supposed to. Can you relate or remember those days?

To me, it’s this childlike yearning to learn that we seem to lose as we mature in life. That curiosity seems to fade for some of us. We hit a wall where we get comfortable with the knowledge we have learned and stop being teachable.

How often do you meet up with “know it alls” in your daily activities? I realize people will disagree with each other and that even you…the reader…may disagree with what I am writing about here. But hey…. that’s okay.

I’m talking about how people get ingrained in what they were taught within their families and when they marry they continue to follow the same behavior. To have a great relationship, one must take inventory of the feedback that is being given to them.

It can be a simple request of cleaning the dishes, loading the dishwasher correctly such as staking the plates in the proper direction so they clean better (the dishwasher was my teachable moment many years ago!).

With each teachable moment in our life, we gain the wisdom in knowing that we can each make small improvements along our path in life. It’s not about being right or wrong as I’ve learned from my very patient wife who points out new opportunities for me to learn from.

Is it always easy to hear suggestions…. well that depends on how we want to interpret the feedback. When we can take our emotion and ego out of the conversation, it can become crystal clear that someone is trying to help us learn something new.

Every new day is a chance to be teachable. Each day is a gift for the opportunity to learn, be, do or try something different to change our lives. Just as nature transforms daily, we can do the same.

  • What will you do differently when your spouse, friend, co-worker, boss or family member tries to teach you something different?
  • How will you react to their requests?
  • Who will show up to answer their questions? Will it come from a place of anger, love, compassion, and curiosity?
  • Will you be Teachable?

As always, thanks for taking the time to visit my page and spend some time here. I hope that some pieces of this blog resonated with you and if not, leave what does not. Please share this post with the people you care about.  Keep pedaling towards your dreams and make it a great life!!

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